Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friendship Week - Summer Camp Party

Whew! Summer is here, my friends and boy is it busy so far! This summer, my sister-in-law (Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic) are kind of teaming up to host activities for a summer camp at home... too fun! Last week was our "friendship" week. We were getting ready to go out of town on a LONG drive to Utah, but we still got some fun activities and memories in!

First, we had a fun friendship party! We had cousins over and a friend to play in our sprinklers and jump on the trampoline! Can't get much funner than that! I had originally planned to do "make your own pizza" for lunch, but those kids were having too much fun outside to have them make their own! But wouldn't you know, the girls ended up coming in to help anyway! We had lots of fun with our friends!

Then, for the rest of the week before we left, we were learning how brothers and sisters make the very best friends of all! I am lucky that my kids love each other so much. They just love having another person who's always ready for playing! (Unless said person is being grumpy, then it's a pain!) But my sweet girl, who is the middle child, just loves her brothers!

We learned how to make friendship bracelets, but I did not take pictures of this activity (lame, I know!) But we did send some friendly "sunshine" around our neighborhood! We bought some Sunny-D from the store (thanks to my sis for this idea) and I made a little template to tape on that you can get here. We had so much fun ding-dong ditching this on some friendly neighbors doorsteps. (If you were one of those neighbors, look away! Pretend you didn't read this!)

I hope everyone else is enjoying having your little people around as much as I am! (Okay, sometimes they drive me batty, but who can stay mad at those cute faces?!)

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  1. We loved playing with you guys. We are excited for a fun summer!