Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Master Shopping List

So, for almost 2 weeks now I have been working on something AMAZING! At least, I think it's amazing because it is going to be making my life so much easier! Seriously, so excited! I got inspiration from Pinterest originally. See?

I saw this menu board and was so inspired! I spend SO much time couponing, menu planning, flipping through cookbooks, etc. every week and I knew this menu board was a must for me! So, while I started compiling my list of menu options so I could make those cute, color coded cards, I was inspired again! I wanted to make a master grocery list for myself that I could simply print out every week and have my list already made. Sounds magical, right? I know...

So, I sat down and made a list of ALL the things my family consumes every month, from produce to snacks to dinner items, to seasonings. I wrote it all down, PHEW! I had them sectioned off, by the way, starting with produce, Deli, Frozen, Dairy, Canned/Bottled, Baking, Grains, Snacks, Beverages, and Bulk items. After I had all my items, I took 3 different colored highlighters and went through to "label" my items: pink was once a month purchases, Orange were biweekly, and yellow was weekly. If it didn't end up with a label, that means I only purchase these items occasionally on an "as needed" type basis.

Now to the computer! I made four sheets in a word document (because I will be shopping weekly, so I have a schedule for week 1, week 2, etc). Then, I made each of my categories on each sheet and started dividing them up between the weeks. If there were 12 items under a certain category, I divided them equally, being careful to not pair 2 more pricey items together on the same week. And there I have my rough draft. I say rough draft because I may need to adjust my scheduling as I go to make it work better (we can't all be perfect the first time, right?). I think I got it pretty good though ;) After I did the food, I decided to include my cleaning and toiletry supplies in the schedule as well. Hubby will be so pleased to not have to run to the store for deodorant! Haha... I colored items that are periodic purchases in orange on my lists. So, if you'd like a template to make your own, click on the image below to download mine:

 Just as an additional tip, these lists are all things I CAN buy that week. Doesn't mean I have to if we have plenty in the pantry! Also, as I mentioned before, I'm a couponer. So, if a screaming deal arises that I gotta pounce on, I will be swapping those items out with a different list for that month, make sense? That way, I know I'm still saving the MOST money possible. Same goes with the meat (never know what's gonna go on sale!). My meat items listed are things we use in that genre of meat. I try to spend $20/week on meat for our family (or cheaper if I can!).

Also, if you wanna make your own fabulous menu board such as the one I shared above, I also have a template you can download for the cards. You will obviously want to fill in your own recipes, but it gives you an idea! You can download that one here.

 I hope I've inspired someone to get organized with your menu planning and grocery shopping! It really does save money and causes MUCH less stress since you won't forget anything at the store! With a master list, your pantry should stay well stocked and you should be avoiding impulse purchases. Only get what's allowed on your list! I read in a fabulous couponing mom book to look at your hours that you put in to saving your family money as your paycheck to your family each week. Love it! Hope your grocery shopping becomes more enjoyable and organized!


  1. Your amazing domesticness makes me feel like an inadequate mother, but gives me hope for myself at the same time. You are simply amazeballs Holls! Love you!

  2. Bahaha!!! Fake it til you make it, right?! You are the sweetest, my dear friend! And you are so far from an inadequate mother, I just can't bear to re-read your statement! You inspire me all the time! XOXO

  3. Love the menu board! Very inspiring! This task seems intimidating(that's why I've been avoiding it ;) )but your post makes it seem possible!
    Thanks for stopping by the Chick n' Coop!

  4. Wow! Love this idea! This is where I lack. I only ever get meals planned a week at a time! This inspires me. Thanks for sharing it.

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    P.S. This looks awesome! I am needing to figure out a better method for menus...or maybe I just need to stop being lazy about planning. IDK. =P

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  7. Hi Holly, I just joined you...I'm currently your newest friend. I have only been at this for a short time. Your new blog has much in it, and is very nice. You also have great skills that you show in you posts, bravo. If you come see mine, I know, I lack focus. I teach school, and an not out for the summer in which I hope to develop my blogging skills..more skills! I hope to see you, Mary

  8. Hi Holly, I am new to your blog. I have only been going at this since April. I love you energy and creativity, you busy mom, blogger and much more I am sure. It's the busy ones that do more..ha ha ah. I'm a teacher and now have summer to improve my post..you may see if you look at mine, I lack focus, but hope to help that. I'll see you soon, Mary

  9. This is fantastic! I want to make one TODAY! :o)
    - Hope @ http://hopefuloneblog.blogspot.com/

  10. wow!! your memo board is way way better than my memo board!!!
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    thanks for the ideas!

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  12. Hi Holly!
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  14. I love this shopping list. I swear I walk blind into the grocery store and get home only to find out that I bought everything else except for what I needed. LOL. I'm a new follower.

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